Jake (elijiah) wrote,

hmmm i am nineteen years of age and i got my license today. (yesterday technically) but other than that the day just sucked. i am slowly becoming bored of everything around me. with camp even though it was teh same monotony, the kids changed every week and there was always erin to look forward to. now? i am hitting teh same problem i reached last summer... and i am not quite sure where to go from here.

in other news. people are heading off to college already so that makes me nervous, but i go back teh 12th, for orientation, so taht should be interesting.

and frisbee, i went to a beach tourney this summer and taht was pretty cool, we played pretty well and almost got a trophy, but we lost the final game. i've been playing as much as i can... i just hope i am up to shape when the real season rolls around.

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