Jake (elijiah) wrote,


what to say.

summer is good. i am sitting in my granfathers house after a long day of running around with kids and going to teh zoo with them and going to belleplain with them and sitting at the wetlands with them and generally having an excellent time, even if i am an idiot and am doing this for free. (i do want to teach little kids so this is good practice).

on the other side of my life i found a dude today that will be here all summer and loves to throw. so if i can connect with him (he lives down the street and surfs with me) i will be really happy. he also said that there is pickup on wednesdays (he just doesn't know where yet...). so that is all well and good. however along with teh social scene all the peeps taht i used to know are blowing me off down on teh island so so far its been me and the shoebies and this lil kids and the surfers. eventually i am going to go insane. so if you know me pretty well you shoudl hop on down to teh shore and spend some time with me. i might be working at a head shop later in the summer, but i was told taht more than likely i wouldn't be hired because i have a penis. apparently they don't like them or something.

o and i have to go but one of my best friends and probably the only person i have ever Loved told me to take a hike today. i don't really know what i think about that yet.

no worries
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