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Figuring It All Out

No Worries

5/22/08 03:38 am

sup journal. haven't thought about you in a long time. how are things? bio is sucking my soul out of my ears. but labs are cool. i want to hear this song completed.


11/22/06 03:24 am

i cut my hair. its pretty short now. and i am donating 14 inches to locksoflove. pretty strange having four years of your life staring back at you from the floor.

well thanx is around teh corner, so i'll be home to see the reaction and then i have finals.

all in all i think i am pretty good.

(if you are on facebook, you can see the pix, i am too lazy to put them here)

11/20/06 04:28 am - piffle

there really is nothing to say. i go home on thursday and come back on sunday.

and my head will be cold.

10/26/06 12:22 pm


very cool waste of time

10/2/06 11:29 pm - self love is inherent. wisdom is learned

i have never been so pissed off.

my hands were literally shaking...

in other news? school is good. frisbee is good. the girl is good. roommates are good. classes suck.

that is all.

8/19/06 02:45 am

hmmm i am nineteen years of age and i got my license today. (yesterday technically) but other than that the day just sucked. i am slowly becoming bored of everything around me. with camp even though it was teh same monotony, the kids changed every week and there was always erin to look forward to. now? i am hitting teh same problem i reached last summer... and i am not quite sure where to go from here.

in other news. people are heading off to college already so that makes me nervous, but i go back teh 12th, for orientation, so taht should be interesting.

and frisbee, i went to a beach tourney this summer and taht was pretty cool, we played pretty well and almost got a trophy, but we lost the final game. i've been playing as much as i can... i just hope i am up to shape when the real season rolls around.


7/17/06 12:08 am

ooo boy did i fuck up. while having a completely enjoyable evening with some friends but now i am at home and my summer is going to be a lot more complicated. but i did everything to teh extreme so thats good (read: bombshell, alcohol, cop car, breaking curfew [which doesn't exist], hickies, turtles, ocean, teaching, laughing, talking, kissing, laughing, and standing toe-to-toe with teh general in a yelling match => not specifically in this order)

i enjoyed myself and when i woke up i realized how far down shit creek i am and i guess we will take it fromhere.


6/29/06 06:07 pm


what to say.

summer is good. i am sitting in my granfathers house after a long day of running around with kids and going to teh zoo with them and going to belleplain with them and sitting at the wetlands with them and generally having an excellent time, even if i am an idiot and am doing this for free. (i do want to teach little kids so this is good practice).

on the other side of my life i found a dude today that will be here all summer and loves to throw. so if i can connect with him (he lives down the street and surfs with me) i will be really happy. he also said that there is pickup on wednesdays (he just doesn't know where yet...). so that is all well and good. however along with teh social scene all the peeps taht i used to know are blowing me off down on teh island so so far its been me and the shoebies and this lil kids and the surfers. eventually i am going to go insane. so if you know me pretty well you shoudl hop on down to teh shore and spend some time with me. i might be working at a head shop later in the summer, but i was told taht more than likely i wouldn't be hired because i have a penis. apparently they don't like them or something.

o and i have to go but one of my best friends and probably the only person i have ever Loved told me to take a hike today. i don't really know what i think about that yet.

no worries

5/26/06 02:47 pm

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5/25/06 02:27 am

two interesting but completely boring things about today:

have you ever stood up to fast or been sleeping for a long time and then wake up and get up and realize that yoru vision is gone? no seriously, its like you stand up and then *beat* *beat* your vision goes dark and your balance is off. this hasn't happened to me for a long time but today... i dunno, i almost cracked my head open. but the odd part about this for me is taht you feel completely serene about it, liek you're still dreaming...

the other thing was kinda weird. people have different "spots" on their body, these spots affect them in different ways, some times they are erogenous zones, sometimes they just feel really good, sometimes they remind you of something that you repressed and sometimes they just put you at peace. anyways. so i was sitting getting a massage (about a minute ago => 2:30 am) and their hands were on my face and their fingers just ran slightly across my lips and i just fell basically into a trance. i don't honestly remember teh last tiem someone did that to me, but when i realized what was going on, a flood of memories popped into my head, and i have realized that teh last time i remember that feeling was teh last time that things were stable in my life. (i mean stable for everything). and i think that's a scary thought, that for teh past eight months i haven't had this stability in my life and i haven't had that feeling since taht tiem either.

of course it is 2:35 and i am a bit tired so maybe this is all nonsense, but isn't it weird how touch can bring back the best and worst of memories?

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